The Dole Lemon Soft Serve Mix is an easy-to-prepare dry mix. This soft-serve mix comes with a natural lemon flavor that adds to its color and zingy taste. With minimal to no preparation needed, the soft serve mix is easy and quick to use and dispense. The Dole soft serve mix will be best suited for fast food chains, food trucks, and diners.


Flavorful shelf stable Dole Lemon Soft Serve Mix - Naturally & Artifically Flavored

Preparation instruction: Fill a clean Dole bucket with cool tap water to the one gallon line. Pour in one bag of Dole soft servemix while stirring. Add water to bring mixture to the two gallon line. Stir mixture. Pour into soft serve machine or cover with lid and put in refrigerator.****FDArequires product temperature to reduce to 41 degrees F within four hours.



Dole Lemon Soft Serve Mix