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Southern Snow Block Ice Shaver

Southern Snow Block Ice Shaver


The Southern Snow Block Ice Shaver is a stand-out in the shaved ice industry. It produces fluffy, snow-like ice, with the tri-blade cutter head. The shaver is made out of stainless steel, which means it is reliable for any business or at-home use.

  • Safety motor cover prevents wet hands from touching the electric motor and operators hair from blowing between the motor and belt guard. Motor cover is removable for easy motor access
  • Front mounted heavy duty, double throw, industrial motor switch is conveniently located and provides years of trouble free service.
  • Three-quarter (3/4) horsepower, 110 volt electric motor provides needed power under adverse conditions. The single phase,1725 r.p.m., 60 hertz motor draws 10.6 full load amps.
  • Space saver legs allow the machine to set closer to the rear of the drip pan.
  • Snow spout is tapered for quicker release of shaved ice build-ups.
  • Blade wheel (Impeller) has one piece molded construction for superior strength and fewer areas for shaved-ice to collect.
  • Stainless steel construction and aluminum castings are used for trouble free durability.
  • Shaved ice control lever pushes block ice horizontally and controls the speed at which the fluffy snow like product is produced.
  • Ice slides on molded rails inside the sanitary ice chamber to prevent side to side movement of the ice while making shaved ice.
  • Ice clamp-down device prevents vertical movement of the ice block while shaving it into snow.
  • Tri-blade cutter head firmly and quickly shaves ice blocks into fluffy snow.
  • Stainless steel blades are even-tempered so that the blades are just as tough after each sharpening.
  • Fluffy snow like shaved ice is guided directly into the cup through the stainless steel spout on a per order basis. No storage of snow is necessary.
  • The plastic drip pan measures 33-1/2"x24"x4". These dimensions include a 3/4" lip that extends over all sides. The drain hole is centered inside 7" away from the outside lip of two sides.
  • The machine weighs 110 pounds. Shipping weight is 140 pounds.
  • HP: 3/4, Volts: 120, Amps: 10.60, Watts: 1200
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